The artgenève 2017 MENU CARD by Peroni Nastro Azzurro 
For the Peroni Mirror Bar at artgenève 2017, Geneva's Contemporary Art fair at Palexpo, we designed and printed the menu cards with an artsy touch.
The menu cards are A5 closed format (A4 landscape open format), printed on Fedrigoni Splendorgel Extra White 340 gr/sqm SOHO paper, with the latest HP Indigo Digital Printing technology. Soft-touch™ plastification on both sides, giving a smooth texture - while also protecting the paper from water and humidity - and a nobilitation touch by the 3D Scodix Digital Serigraphy. The  finishing given by Scodix offers a glossy and thick layer on the metallic parts of the chair and on the bottle, while giving to the famous Blue Ribbon (the "Nastro Azzurro") a satin texture; on front, the Peroni logo, the artgenève logo and the Peroni Red Tag on the back, have a 100% fill on the digital serigraphy.
An artsy menu card, for the Italian beer that is conquering the Art World, at it's third year of partnership with artgenève.
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